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I am available for contract telecommuting opportunities as a web developer. I have many years of web development experience in HTML, Java, JavaScript, Perl, CGI, website administration maintenance, and web authoring tools. I've worked on a variety of successful websites for many different companies.

My home office is equipped with several computers (Linux, MacOSX & Windows), scanners, printers, high speed broadband internet access, and a multitude of web authoring tools and software development environments.

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For Web design and programming email joesch@woodtennis.com

Links to Websites I've Programmed

I've also done Internet and Extranet programming for Boeing, Corp. & Rockwell Int.


Programming Skills

  • HTML

  • JavaScript

  • Java

  • Perl

  • Python

  • Ruby

  • C, C++, Ada

  • Configuration Management with cvs and Rational Clearcase

  • Software Quality Assurance SQA and testing per SEI and CMM levels upto 5


Tools I use for Website Development, Deployment, and Maintenance

HTML Authoring Site Management:

  • Adobe PageMill

  • Adobe SiteMill

  • HoTMetaL Pro

  • HoTDog Pro

  • Microsoft FrontPage

Software Development:

  • Rational Rose, Clearcase, ClearQuest

  • Eclipse

  • NetBeans

  • Sun JavaWorkShop (JWS)

  • GNAT, GNU gcc, g++, ada, make, cvs

  • Solaris C/C++ Forte

  • Emacs or Vi :-)

Operating Systems:

  • Linux

  • Sun Solaris OS

  • MacOSX

  • HPUX

  • Windows 95/98/NT/W2K/XP



  • Apache Server

  • Netscape Enterprise Server

  • MS IIS


  • Mozilla

  • Opera

  • Netscape Navigator

  • Microsoft Internet Explorer

  • Mosaic

CGI/Scripting Interpreters:

  • Perl

  • Tcl/Tk

Document Formatting:

  • Adobe Acrobat Acrobat Reader

  • OmniForm Internet Publisher

Graphics Animation:

  • GifBuilder

  • PhotoShop

  • PictureThis

  • ThumbsPlus


Clients I have worked for as a consultant

  • Boeing

  • Rockwell

  • Hughes

  • JPL Nasa

  • Northrop

  • Litton

  • Amazon

  • Midcom


Typical prices for webwork

  • $500 - Basic home page including upto 3 graphics (logo, etc...) and 2 additional linked pages

  • $950 - Basic plus upto 5 graphics per page and 5 additional linked pages with interactive response forms

  • $50/hour - Custom programming for CGI, scripting, Java applets, site/URL search engine registrations, ISP uploading, etc...


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