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John McEnroe Rackets
Below is picture link for several of the John McEnroe series rackets
The most famous Mac racket is the Dunlop Max 200G injection model. This is the racket that Steffi Graf also played. Earlier in Mac's career, he played the dunlop maxply and the Wilson Jack Kramer ProStaff woodies.
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  • Dunlop Max 200G and Pro model rackets (Softest graphite racket ever produced !)
  • Dunlop Maxply's & Wilson JK prostaffs (Macs first woodie sticks)
  • Dunlop Maxply McEnroe tennis racket (Macs first name endorsed racket)
  • Dunlop Black Max (very popular dunlop version of the Sampras prostaff 6.0)

Dunlop Max 200G tennis racket circa 1984
1983 MAX 200G
1986 MAX 200G PRO
1988 MAX 200G PRO-II
1988 GOLDEN GRAND SLAM SPECIAL EDITION MAX 200G (Steffi Graf's Grand Slam)
1991 MAX200G PRO-III (the purple and green one)
Swingweight - 335
Headsize - 80
Flex - 47 rdc
Weight - 353 gm
Lenght - 27 in
Balance -32 cm
This tennis racket is made from carbon fibre in nylon reinforced plastic. Carbon fibres were first manufactured in the 1960s, by heating acrylic fibres to hightemperatures. The resulting filaments of pure carbon graphite are extremely strong and stiff because of the alignment of their crystalline structure. This makes carbon fibre highly suitable for use in the manufacture of aircraft wings and fuselages, specialist engineering and sports equipment, and in jet engines and rockets, where strength at high temperatures is required. The use of carbon fibreto produce lighter, stronger equipment enabling players to generate more power in their shots has revolutionised racket sports since the mid 1980s. This rackethad really special properties because of the graphite fiber injection process which gave this racket a dynamic stiffness unsurpassed in any tennis racket ever !
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