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Vintage baseball bats & gloves

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George Wright and Henry A. Ditson each owned sporting good companies in the 1870s. Wright & Ditson company was founded in 1871 and was bought by Spalding in 1891. In the 1930s the company's name was "A.J. Reach, Wright & Ditson and ownded by Spalding since 1891.

Al Spalding, A. J. Reach and George Wright all played for Boston's National League baseball team in 1877. These 3 athletes and business men were all key players in the early sporting goods and athletic apparel in the late 1800's and early 1900's. For more detailed information on these companies and specifically the lawn tennis history and equipment including rackets, balls & cans I recommend reading the excellent sections in Book of Tennis Rackets by Sigfield Keubler or Tennis Antiques and Collectibles by Jean Cherry. Click for Tennis History Books ...

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Baseball bats & gloves

Below are a few pictures of a few vintage bats & gloves available including a Hutch 3 finger Ed Mathews, Ted Williams gloves and signature baseball bats of H&B, Louisville Slugger and Spalding with autograph from Johhny Bench, Charles Keller, Mickey Mantle & Tony Gwynn.
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Below are pictures of a few vintage Wright & Ditson baseball bats & Catalog :