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  • Tennis Antiques & Collectibles by Jeanne Cherry - Tennis Antiques & Collectibles by Jeanne Cherry The first comprehensive guide to collecting tennis memorabilia.Has more than 300 color photographs,many full page, giving visual enjoyment to anyone who loves tennis. Provides hints on dating and buying antique rackets Covers a wide range of tennis memorabilia,including rackets, presses, silver, ceramics, art, books, and ephemera Provides essential information for dealers and collectors, beginning to advanced.

    Golf Clubs, Antiques & Collectibles
  • Antique Golf Collectibles : A Price and Reference Guide by Chuck Furjanic - Have collected putters and was looking for documentation as to the values and was never able to get get a good feel until I found this reference guide. If you collect old golf clubs, or golf balls and tees this guide is a must.
  • The Clubmaker's Art : Antique Golf Clubs & Their History by Jeff Ellis - The Clubmaker's Art is the most complete, authoritative, and stunningly beautiful book ever produced on antique golf clubs. Eminent golf club collector, dealer, and historian, Jeffery Ellis leads you on an incredible journey into the minds and workshops of golf's greatest craftsmen, exploring the remarkable evolution of the equipment of the game. Sumptuously illustrated with 800 full-color photographs depicting more than 640 antique clubs, The Clubmaker's Art reveals the most astonishing array of sporting equipment ever assembled. Exhaustively researched and impeccably documented, the text describes in rich detail more than 1000 rare and innovative clubs, and brings to life the fascinating artisans who created and used them. Combining insightful historical information with entertaining anecdotes and quotations, Ellis vividly captures the exquisite artistry of the game and its equipment. The Clubmaker's Art is for everyone who loves the game of golf. It is an absolute necessity for collectors and students of the game. It will be the standard reference work in the field for decades to come and a treasured possession of everyone who owns it.

tennis rackets for sale

We buy, sell & trade old wood tennis rackets, frames, ball cans, books and collectibles. If your interested in certain rackets or combination orders we have a large inventory of tennis collectible and can setup package deals. We are expecially interested in the following tennis collectibles :
  • old wood convex wedge, flat top, lopsided & asymetric head rackets
  • 1900 vintage lawn tennis raquets and equipment
  • tennis ball cans, tins, presses, covers & carrying bags
  • vintage tennis books, advertisements, prints and artworks
  • horsman, wright and ditson, hc lee, draper maynard, kent
  • bancroft, davis, wilson, spalding rackets
Below is a picture of some davis rackets that are for sale.
Please ask for description or enlargments for any desired rackets.
davis tennis rackets Below is a picture of many Wright & Ditson tennis collectibles.
davis tennis rackets

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