The Ultimate Tennis Book by Gianni Clerici
Book of Tennis Rackets by Sigfield Keubler
The Fireside Book of Tennis by Allison Danzig
Tennis Antiques and Collectibles by Jean Cherry
Tennis A Cultural History by Heiner Gillmeister
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Book of Tennis Rackets by Sigfield Keubler
Book of Tennis Rackets
Book of Tennis Rackets by Sigfield Keubler
- Book of Tennis Rackets by Sigfield Keubler This is the most complete book on Tennis Rackets, the bible! Amazon does not carry, It is only available now if a collector would be willing to sell. This book is no longer available and last wold for $179.99 ! Book contains 630 pages most with many color racket photos and 150 plus illustrations, limited first edition that has been completely translated to English. The most complete and only book to document the evolution of tennis rackets. This manual is a must for any serious tennis racket collector !

Tennis Antiques and Collectibles by Jean Cherry
Tennis Antiques & Collectibles
Tennis Antiques & Collectibles by Jeanne Cherry - Awesome pictures and description for rackets, cans, books & other tennis collectibles. Best first book for any collector since its cheapest but invaluable. Click the Amazon link above, its usually about $35.99. If not available, email me and I should be able to find you a copy for about the same price. Email me The first comprehensive guide to collecting tennis memorabilia Has more than 300 color photographs,many full page, giving visual enjoyment to anyone who loves tennis Provides hints on dating and buying antique rackets Covers a wide range of tennis memorabilia,including rackets, presses, silver, ceramics, art, books, and ephemera Provides essential information for dealers and collectors, beginning to advanced

The Fireside Book of Tennis by Allison Danzig.
Fireside Book of Tennis
Fireside Book of Tennis by Allison Danzig
- Fireside Book of Tennis by Allison Danzig - This is the most complete book on Tennis History documented by most of the best players and writers of the 20th century. $29.99 ! Email me to order A backward look at the wonderful heritage of the game is also very rewarding. You can leaf through these pages and comprehend why there are so many old-timers who swear no tennis player was ever as good as Bill Tilden. Or no tennis match is glamorous or as fascinating as the one in which Suzanne Lenglen met Helen Wills...unless perhaps it was the Don Budge-Baron Von Cramm battle that decided the Davis Cup in 1937? But come to think of it, wasn't Jack Crawford's conquest of Ellsworth Vines at Wimbledon in 1933 even more dramatic? Where does Pancho Gonzales rate among All-Time greats? Enough. Let your eye run over the Contents and you'll find your own moments in tennis history that you'll particularly want to explore, whether on a revisit or for the first time. Allison Danzig will tell you about them along with such other superb tennis chroniclers of those days as Parke Cummings, Al Laney, John Tunis, A. Wallis Myers, Edward Potter, and Fred Hawthorne. But this book by no means confines itself to ancient history. A new crop of genuinely knowledgeable and sensitive writers, including Fred Tupper, Herbert Warren Wind, Bud Collins, Lance Tingay, Neil Amdur, Rex Bellamy, David Gray, Richard Evans, Walter Bingham, Will Grimsley, Frank DeFord, and Alan Trengove, are here to recount great moments from more recent times as the stars of today, Rod Laver, John Newcombe, Ken Rosewall, Arthur Ashe, Stan Smith, Tony Roche, and all the rest battle it out for top spot. Nor are the ladies neglected - far from it. The roster of women stars represented ranges all the way back to the Sutton sisters and Hazel Wightman, through the eras of Lenglen and Wills, Alice Marble, Althea Gibson, Maureen Connolly, up to today's outstanding players, Margaret Smith Court, Billie Jean King, Maria Bueno, Ann Jones, and those two newest sensations, Chris Evert and Evonne Goolagong. Part III is completely devoted to instruction of strokes and tactics by outstanding players who excelled in theory as well, such as Tilden, Billy Talbert, George Lott and Pancho Gonzales. In similar vein, scattered through Part I are expert technical analyses of the games of a number of great players, written by Julius D. Heldman. I know of nothing that can compare with them in achieving what they set out to do. Server ready? - Receiver ready? - Read! - Peter Schwed". Large green cloth hard cover book with a small black box on the front cover with a tennis player in it (no writing on front cover), the spine has gold writing.

Tennis A Cultural History by Heiner Gillmeister
Tennis A Cultural History
Tennis : A Cultural History by Heiner Gillmeister - Supported by a startling wealth of linguistic and documentary research, Gillmeister charts the global evolution of tennis from its origins in the early Middle Ages to the appearance of the modern game in the 20th century. Along the way, he debunks established myths about the history of the game, including those surrounding the invention of the Davis Cup. 136 illustrations, 16 in color. Ordering from Amazon link above will cost you $25, email me and I can get you this book for $23 ! Email me

The Ultimate Tennis Book
The Ultimate Tennis Book cover
The Ultimate Tennis Book rear cover
THE ULTIMATE TENNIS BOOK-500 YEARS OF THE SPORT The Ultimate Tennis Book - 500 Years Of The Sport
by Gianni Clerici....translated by Ricard J. Wiezell
With 335 pages and more than 1200 black and white illustrations and 40 color plates.
In this hugh, handsome and lavish book, is the bible for tennis history as it contains quite alot of info and pictures of the history of tennis. The author details the renaissance and classical origins of the sport, describing the current action which has made tennis a million-dollar business as well as the fastest growing spectator and active participant sport in the Western world.
Copyright 1975, this book is 10" X 12", close to 10 pounds and 2 inches thick. This book is out of print and very hard to find, thus a collector item for any tennis collector or historian. Email me for price and availability

Tennis is a sport with an amazing history. If you're trying to keep up with today's tennis news or belong to a club, you should check out The Tennis Channel to keep up-to-date on the lastest tennis events
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