With a legendary ride and lust-worthy beauty, Serotta's Legend Ti is the standard by which all titanium frames are judged. Within the Legend's shiny exterior is Serotta's triple-butted Colorado Concept C4Ti 3Al/2.5V-titanium tubeset. Every tube is size-specific and rider-optimized for a perfectly dialed stiffness-to-weight ratio. Climbers love the Legend's ability to rocket up the steepest inclines and distance riders love the comfortable road feel and predictable handling. Everything about the Legend maximizes your riding enjoyment, which is why it sets the industry standard for titanium design, fabrication and ride quality.

What makes the Legend Ti the most-advanced and best-riding titanium bicycle ever made?
It has to be the tubing. Triple-butted Colorado Concept titanium tubes utilize an extensive butting and swaging process to substantially reduce weight and elevate the ride quality.

The TI frames are buffed and polished to trophy show case quality.
Each frame is aligned within half a millimeter which is approx 0.02".
Four ounces of custom paint which is applied in nine coats over the sand blasted frame. Each thread and fitting is cleaned for a flawless assembly.

Serotta 90s Colorado Ti info ...
Serotta 90s Colorado Ti bike pic 1
Serotta 90s Colorado Ti bike pic 2
Serotta 90s Colorado Ti bike pic 3
Serotta 90s Colorado Ti bike pic 4
Serotta 90s Colorado Campy powered drive train
serotta campy rear break
serotta campy rear hub
serotta rear triangle picture
Serotta Pro Woundup Fork
Serotta crank
Serotta down tube decal
Serotta bottom triangle decal
Serotta main decal
serotta rear derailer
serotta front tube view
serotta front wheel