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Ivan Lendl Tennis Rackets
Below are picture links for several of the famous Ivan Lendl Tennis Rackets
One of the most sought after rackets from the graphite era is the Adidas GTX ProT racket made famous by Ivan Lendl. Currently available is a racket that was actually customized for Ivan by Warren Bosworth. It has the signature sweude grip that was preferred by Ivan and was in in his private staff for match play but never used. Again, racket was never released for public sale and intended for Ivan personal tournament play. Special deal at $699.99
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Below are several other famous Lendl tennis racket.
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  • New Ivan Lendl Adidas GTX Pro-T ($599 only 1 Custom model available - email for availability)
  • Kneissl White Star Lendl Pro model ($199.99)
  • New Kneissl White Star master model ($149.99)
  • Mizuno Lendl Pro model (sold)
  • Several used condition adidas, kneissl and snauwaert graphite rackets available ($79.99 and up depending upon condition and stock)
  • Several other vintage wood and graphite models available (email for availability)

Also available is kneissl toms machine thomas muster tennis racket email for availability and pictures

Ivan Lendl Racket History:
Lendl played with the Kneissl White Star Lendl model thru 1980. In 1981, he started to play with the Adidas GTX Pro model, which he would used thru 1985. He played his French final in 1981 against Borg with the this GTX Model. Note: Lendl's early batches of GTXs were paintjob Kneissls, but that ended and the Adidas GTX manufacturing moved to France. In 1986, Ivan started to play the Adidas GTX Pro-T, until 1990. In 1990, he entered a multi-year, exclusive deal with Mizuno, and used that Mizuna Ivan Lendl model. The Mizuno was actually different racket mold from his Kneissl & Adidas frames, and added 10-15% headsize increase over his former racquet models. This change was suppose to help Ivan win Wimbledon :)

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