Vintage Money Clips

Vintage money clips are very collectible and impressive items for everyday usage. Many of these money clips are hand designed by artists using stainless steel or silver materials. Some are gold plated or use some beautiful stones like turquoise and abalone shell. Many impressive money clips are designed around antique coins like morgan silver dollars, buffalo nickels, and indian head pennies. Others are from famous casinos in Vegas like Ceasars.

Money clips are great gifts as they are impressive converstion pieces and get noticed as jewerly when used to hold bills. Many reasons to collect and use money clips. Let me know if I can help find you any specific pieces or you have any questions about some of the clips shown on this webpage. Lots more available that are not shown below.

Many silver and collectible stone money clips made by Silver Smiths and Stone Jewerly Artists from different locals around the World. We also take requests for desired brands and styles of special money clips or can have custom clips made by our artists. Let us design you a clip with a rare coin or precious metals and stones. Just let us know your idea and budget constraints.

Get a money clip as a gift to use at Casinos, Restaurants, Night Clubs, Bars, Country Clubs, and shopping.


Money Clip Categories

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Several available Money Clips

Golf Divot Tool Money Clips - Let us make you a custom money clip for your club or organization

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