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Bachelor of Science in Computer Science, University of Maryland, 1979-1983

Masters of Science in Information Technology, Capella University, 2007-2009


Software design, development, integration and testing; configuration and process management for OS; network, control interfaces; real-time embedded; GUI development; tool applications.


SELinux RedHat RHEL KVM, VMware, SoSCOE, Solaris, HPUX, Integrity, VxWorks, GHS Integrity, LynxOS, DEC/VMS, Rational, Mac OSX and SBCs.


C/C++, Java/JNI/JINI, Ada95, JavaScript, HTML, Perl, Python, PHP, Python, Linux Scripting, Jovial, Pascal, Fortran, Basic. FreeScale Xscale PPC8547, MPC8548, RH32, i960, 1750A, 80x86, 1666B, Z8000, and PDP-11 Assemblies.


Rational ClearCase, ClearQuest, Rose, Purify, APEX, CVS, RCS, CMS, PCMS, SCCS.


Java/AWT/Swing, JavaScript/Html, Gnome/KDE, Motif, X Windows, Qt Tk, Tcl/Tk.

:: DBMS ::

DB2, PostgreSQL, MySQL, JDBC.


Cisco IOS 3750, Juniper Junos 4350, iptables, NIDS, HIDS (Intrusion Detection Security VPN, Firewall, VLAN).


Experience developing, installing, and integrating embedded real-time systems using Embedded SELinux and System of Systems Common Operating Environment (SOSCOE) including xml xsd wsdl SOAP ICD-0100 based typing and configuration for device configuration, initialization, control, detection, and status reporting. Tested SECSCN security scanning information assurance, configuration, system services, communications, operational environment interfaces, and network management software.


ï Enjoy interacting and working with team members

ï Not afraid to ask questions for my understanding or to help others find their own answers

ï Always provide feedback

ï Adapt very well to change

ï Adept at easing personality conflicts among peers


P8A Avionics Modernization Program May 2011ñPresent

Boeing Special Projects Dallas, TX; Clearance: TS SPA


ï Lead Software Integration Test (SWIT) for Cross Domain Solution using Multi Level

Security (MLS), Intrusion Audit Dection Loggin (IADS) and proxy services filtering message validations

ï Port RHEL KVM based avionics systems VMs to VMware ESX from KVM;

ï Bridge KVM virtual machines to avionics framework via high assurance guard (HAG) for multiple levels security (MLS) network;

ï Integrate and test HAG with SELinux MLS intrusion detection system via custom iptables rules for IDL message validator proxy

ï Regression and qualification test development of custom message and file transfer filters including IDL, JPG, NTIF, MPEG, STANAG system

ï Regression and qualification test development for custom avionics flight control system

Brigade Combat Team Modernization Program February 2009ñMay 2011

Boeing Integrated Defense Systems, NSI&T, Huntington Beach, CA; Clearance: Secret

Subsystem Lead Responsibilities:

ï Lead Installation and Integration testing for Network Interface Controller of UAV and UGV platforms;

ï Lead Installation and Integration testing for Network Interface Controller of UAV and UGV platforms;

ï Lead SW component package installation development using RPMs and Linux install scripts and test procedure development and execution on virtualized VMware multi-node network platform environment;

ï Transition VM based testing to Integrated Computer Systems (ICS) real-time embedded hardware.

ï Configure and Test System Network S/W components communication, system monitoring, alerts, and intrusion detection use cases;

ï Design, Develop, and testing for project management tracking application used for system build delivery planning, requirements, test cases, tasks, HW/SW version tracking, report generation (EVM, BPR), issues;

ï Lessons learned.

Strategic Border Initiative Network Program February 2008ñFebruary 2009

Boeing Integrated Defense Systems, Huntington Beach, CA; Clearance: Secret / DHS S

Tasks: Lead SW Production Factory Team with primary task order involved with black box and qualification testing of Strategic Border Initiative Network Program (SBINet).

Software Integration and Testing (SWIT) Responsibilities:

ï Develop confidence tests (CT) and qualification tests (QT) for Software Test Plan and Descriptions (STP/STD) using DOORS Software Requirements Document (SRS), Interface Requirements and Control Documents (IRS/ICD) use cases and dry run, run for record (RFR), Test Readiness Review (TRR) and Functional Qualification Test (FQT);

ï Tested networked Common Operational Picture (COP) network cells for capabilities including Linux, SOSCOE and JEBC2 SOAP XML based services including camera control, notification, radar correlation, and urban ground sensor (UGS) situational awareness for network based land tower mounted sensors;

ï Responsible for development and delivery of Software Test Plan (STP) and Software Test Description (STD) documents;

ï Track daily progress, mentor, and provide technical leadership to tester team members

ï Serve as a subject matter expert for SBINet domain software interfaces involved with installation, configuration and lab testing issues;

ï Participate in Change Configuration Board (CCB) for system change request and host daily RAD/JAD teleconferences with remote teammates and subcontractors.

Joint Tactical Radio System May 2006ñFebruary 2008

Boeing Integrated Defense Systems, Anaheim, CA; Clearance: Secret

Tasks: Integrate, Load, Build, Test Joint Tactical Radio System (JTRS) radio waveform (NWF) communication protocols.

Software Development and Integration Testing Responsibilities:

ï Develop confidence tests (CT) and dry run, run for record (RFR) daily integrated builds and candidate builds on various prototype and development GMR radios;

ï Integrate and configure hardware for PPC440 Artesyn COTS and Freescale 8547 Embedded Targets architectures running software functional representative unit (SFRU) simulation tests for kernel and operational environment simulation testing;

ï Use GHS Multi, JTAG, Flash, Uboot monitor, and low level Linux tools C/C++ development tools to configure and setup hardware platforms for testing;

ï Configure lab software simulation and test environment and equipment including COTS Artesyn, Freescale targets, chassis, racks, switches, internetworking IOS routing running kernel boot and networking communication tests;

ï Maintain hardware resource and user allocation databases for tracking users and issues;

ï Provide user help support for COTS configuration and run-time problems;

ï Architect and configure program hardware upgrades including working with contracts, purchasing, and shipping POCs.

Intercontinental Ballistic Missile May 2004ñMay 2006

Boeing Integrated Defense Systems, Anaheim, CA; Clearance: Secret

Prototype Research and Development Responsibilities:

ï Software development under Sun Solaris using C, Ada and VxWorks runtime executive communication S/W;

ï Porting a real-time flight simulation running PPC embedded targets under VxWorks to us embedded Linux;

ï Develop flexible I/O custom board based real-time embedded system using PPC 750/405 architecture including Firewire 1394 1553 DDC interface cards targeted at VxWorks and Linux RTOS kernel applications.

Logicon/FDC/JPL September 2000ñMay 2004

Northrop, Anaheim/Pasadena, CA; Clearance: Secret

Tasks: Analyze and Inspect detailed design, code unit test, integration test procedure development and software problem reported (SPR) efforts for DIICOE Solaris based application using CORBA Oracle interface developed using ClearCase CMS and Rose OOD tools.


ï Design, port, code, test integrate Common Operating Environment (COE) IDE for cross platform application development for system administration tools. COE development using C, C++, Java for applications and Perl, SH, CSH, bash for making and launching CLI and GUI applications on RedHat Linux, Solaris, HP and Window platforms.

ï Also supported a real-time embedded POSIX kernel for LynuxWorks, LynxOS, PPC target.

ï Extensive work with product installation and delivery issues. Ported and tested Security and System administration level wrapper tools developed and tested for Unix including user, password, screen, server, audit logging, profile, host, disk and route management tools for Solaris and RedHat Linux.

ï Rational Rose UML/C++ and ClearCase configuration management.

Human-Machine Interface Consultant November 1999ñSeptember 2000

Raytheon, Fullerton, CA; Clearance: Secret

Tasks: Design, code and test human machine interface (HMI) for air traffic control and defense system using C and Ada.


ï Development on HPUX Unix, Linux, windows NT.

ï Designed and implemented GUI interface for radar area displays, and controls for air-traffic control system.

ï Prototyped GUI SW functionality running on PC-based simulator.

SSD Consultant August 1997ñNovember 1999

Boeing, Seal Beach, CA; Clearance: Secret

Tasks: Design, code, and test interface SW for GPS navigation, embedded computers, and board checkout of custom ASICs and device drivers.


ï Implemented C/Ada/Java code using VxWorks for test interface to embedded boards using TCP/IP socket and low-level RS232 serial interface communication from SUN Solaris.

ï Create group intranet website for design documentation using html, JavaScript and Perl CGI scripts.

ï Implemented kernel executive and scheduler for GPS navigation operational flight software.

ï Performed librarian duties as configuration manager using Rational Apex.

Consultant August 1995ñAugust 1997

Boeing/BNA/Rockwell International, Anaheim, CA; Clearance: Secret


ï Design, code and test satellite uplink-downlink; internal data transfer to-from recording device (SSR).

ï File transfering and serial/RS-232 device communication/control processing for tape driver S/W.

ï Implemented control GUI and user manual using Java/HTML.

ï Coded in Ada, C, Java on Sun Solaris Unix development workstations.

Consultant December 1984ñAugust 1995

Jet Propulsion Laboratories, NASA, Pasadena, CA; Clearance: Secret


ï Coded and Tested spacecraft flight S/W boot PROM.

ï Including chip initialization and self-test, RAM testing, mapping and loading.

ï Coded in ASM, Ada, C/Unix/VxWorks for development on SUN workstations.

Consultant June 1993ñDecember 1994

Hughes Aircraft/Radar Systems, El Segundo, CA; Clearance: Secret


ï Coded and Tested F-22 avionics operating system (AOS) core kernel synchronization/communication services for i960 target and X-window Motif/C/Ada GUI for debugger interfaces tools.

ï Radar A-to-A, A-to-G and Navigation display processing experience.

Consultant February 1993ñJune 1993

Unisys Corporation, Paramax, Camarillo, CA; Clearance: Secret


ï Coded and Tested System Alerts for air defense system.

ï Display and communication processing for COS/LAN/Radar Links.

ï Used Ada, C/Unix/VxWorks for development on SUN workstations.

Consultant September 1992ñFebruary 1993

General Dynamics, Carlisle Group, San Diego, CA; Clearance: Secret


ï Coded and Tested Graphics User Interface using Motif/C/Ada X-Windows for a mission planning/strike coordination system.

ï Integrated with networked/multiprocessing data server and coded 4GL/stored procedures to the Sybase relational database server.

Consultant September 1991ñAugust 1992

Northrop Aircraft, Hawthorne, CA; Clearance: Secret / SBSI SPA SAR


ï Coded and Tested message assembler and database interface utilities. Rational, DEC and Ada/ASM developed and tested.

ï Worked a X-Window/Motif IDMS relational database interface to the client application.

Consultant July 1991ñFebruary 1992

Simcor Engineering Inc., Moreno Valley, CA; Clearance: Unclassified / Commercial


ï Implemented a windowed interface for a medical database report generator.

ï Implemented using Borland C++ application framework window class library for PC.

Consultant June 1990ñSeptember 1991

Rockwell Command and Control Systems, San Bernardino, CA; Clearance: Secret


ï Re-designed, coded and tested Real-Time Executive for Rail based MX Missile System.

ï Worked Message Communications, IMU Navigations, and Status Displays.

ï DEC Ada developed and tested on VAX Stations under DecWindows.

Consultant December 1989ñJuly 1990

Hughes Aircraft, GSG, Fullerton, CA; Clearance: Secret / NATO


ï Coded and Tested Air Defense System alert display/control task, followed Object Orientated Ada development methodology for windowing system using RDB relational database and Mac WorkStation as the user interface.

Consultant March 1988ñDecmeber 1989

Delco Systems Operations, Santa Barbara, CA; Clearance: Secret / NATO


ï Designed, Coded and Tested C-17 Flight Management Display software.

ï Worked Mission Computer controls and displays, task message communications and BIT/Maintenance processing.

ï Vax developed and 1750A targeted.

Engineer August 1986ñMarch 1988

Northrop Aircraft, Hawthorne, CA; Clearance: Top Secret / EBI


ï Designed, coded and tested a classified Flight Control System under DOD-STD-2167 Requirements.

ï Coded F-20 Flight Control System implemented in Ada, and 1750A Microprocessor Simulation implemented in C.

Engineer March 1985ñAugust 1986

Litton Guidance and Controls Systems, Woodland Hills, CA; Clearance: Secret


ï Designed, Coded and Tested F-15 Communications Bus under MIL-STD 1553-B protocol.

ï Supported Executive, BIT and Kalman Filter processing for this Navigation system.

ï Used Ada as the PDL and Jovial/1750A assembly for the operational S/W.