Stringing Wood Tennis Rackets and Taking Care of them

Stringing Wood Tennis Rackets and Care Of ...

  • Stringing Wood Tennis Rackets ... Most wood rackets have an 18 x 20 string pattern. Skip the 9th throat. If you st ring 1-piece, you'll be stringing the crosses from the bottom to top, which is o k for those rackets. At the top, the side with the zig-zag grooves is the short side. If you string 2-piece, start at the top and tie off on the side that has t he double groove (not zig-zag). You have several shared holes (3 at each end).
  • String Lenghts ... Standard head wood tennis rackets can be strung with a lenght of 33' feet. If you want to do a two piece stringing job then there are two common options:
    Divide a 33' set of string into 17 1/2 x 15 1/2 foot sections
    Divide a 33' set of string into 22 x 11 foot sections

  • Taking Care of Wood Tennis Rackets ... Soft strings at lower tensions are best on the older and more delicate wood frames.
    Natural Gut is best. Other soft synthetic strings like NXT and NRG are less stressful on the wood and dont notch or stress fracture like poly or kevlar strings.
  • The racket head presses or clamps do not prevent warping, they only scuff up the racket at the contact points. Just keep racket out of humidity and hot/cold temperature extremes and changes. Best to keep in a plastic or weather proof thermal bag.

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