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Tennis Advisor provides expert advice in all aspects of the game of tennis

Areas of advice include Coaching, Equipment (rackets), Training, History, Travel, Betting, Wagering, and Gambling

Coaching - Extensive network including tour level coaches to improve any player, beginner to tour competitor
Coaching advisors include Nick Saviano, Allistair McCaw, Allen Fox, Bruce Levine, Brad Gilbert, Robert Lansdorf, Roger Werksman, Stan Smith, Billy Stearns, B.J. Stearns, Jolene Watanabe, Patrick Fediuk, Derrick Spice, Eric Turner, Simon Lavery, Chris OKeefe, Mark Freitag

Equipment - Many different racket and string setups to accommate diffent players, levels, and bodies
We have an extensive network of coaching, stringing, and racket customization experts all over the world.
Our experts have customized many pro player rackets using lead, silicon, custom pallets and molds from leading manufactures.

Vintage Tennis Rackets and collectibles including ball cans, books, and magazines.
We buy and sell and appraise antique and vintage tennis rackets and collectibles.

Training - Physical and Psychological training programs suited to various player styles and levels
Our training experts include Clay Sniteman M.S., P.T., ATC
Clay is a Physical Therapist and Athletic Trainer for the ATP World Tour.

History - Extensive knowledge regarding history of tennis and tour match records. We have a library of tennis matches on DVD and a database of tennis matches played.
See our Greatest Tennis Players of all Time (GOAT) webpage
See our Greatest Tennis Rackets of all Time (GROAT) webpage

Travel - Trip advisement and recommendations for various areas and clubs.
We have an extenisive network of club contacts including teaching pros and visitors that can recommend clubs, programs, and tennis academies in areas all over the world.

Tennis betting advisor offers betting tips and wagering advice
Online Casino Gambling and Wagers

Club and Home decorations - Interior design recommendations with tennis collectibles See several examples

Make requests to Tennis Advisor by emailing Please set email subject to appropriate area for advice and include details in the email body.
We also offer phone consultation with rates that vary for the expert and area of advice.

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Tension- and string- Advisor - based on sex, tension, string type, injuries, age, pattern ie 18x20, head size.

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