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Tennis books & instructional videos links also many vintage classic books includingInner Tennis books, World Tennis, The Handbook of Tennis and many others includingtitles by ex champions like Bill Tilden, Bobby Riggs, Arthur Ashe, Pancho Gonzales,Rod Laver, John McEnroe, Bjorn Borg and many others ...
tennis rackets for sale
tennis racket SEARCHER / REQUESTER tool
Old tin cans, boxes & balls
Racket presses & head covers
Several fishtail rackets
Draper Mayndard bulbous & kids convex wedge rackets
A pair of H.C. Lee raquets
Wright & Ditson racquets and collectibles
Don Budge & Tony Trabert picture autographs
Scarce Rackets
Wright & Ditson Rackets
Bancroft Rackets
jimmy connors tennis Rackets
TAD Davis Rackets
Wilson Rackets
Classic wood tennis rackets & collectibles club
Wood Tennis Rackets - A Collector's Guide

Wood Tennis Rackets, Antiques & Collectibles
  • Tennis Antiques & Collectibles by Jeanne Cherry - Tennis Antiques & Collectibles by Jeanne Cherry The first comprehensive guide to collecting tennis memorabilia.Has more than 300 color photographs,many full page, giving visual enjoyment to anyone who loves tennis. Provides hints on dating and buying antique rackets Covers a wide range of tennis memorabilia,including rackets, presses, silver, ceramics, art, books, and ephemera Provides essential information for dealers and collectors, beginning to advanced.

    Golf Clubs, Antiques & Collectibles
  • Antique Golf Collectibles : A Price and Reference Guide by Chuck Furjanic - Have collected putters and was looking for documentation as to the values and was never able to get get a good feel until I found this reference guide. If you collect old golf clubs, or golf balls and tees this guide is a must.
  • The Clubmaker's Art : Antique Golf Clubs & Their History by Jeff Ellis - The Clubmaker's Art is the most complete, authoritative, and stunningly beautiful book ever produced on antique golf clubs. Eminentgolf club collector, dealer, and historian, Jeffery Ellis leads you on an incredible journey into the minds and workshops of golf's greatestcraftsmen, exploring the remarkable evolution of the equipment of the game. Sumptuously illustrated with 800 full-color photographsdepicting more than 640 antique clubs, The Clubmaker's Art reveals the most astonishing array of sporting equipment ever assembled. Exhaustively researched and impeccably documented, the text describes in rich detail more than 1000 rare and innovative clubs, andbrings to life the fascinating artisans who created and used them. Combining insightful historical information with entertaining anecdotesand quotations, Ellis vividly captures the exquisite artistry of the game and its equipment. The Clubmaker's Art is for everyone who loves the game of golf. It is an absolute necessity for collectors and students of the game. Itwill be the standard reference work in the field for decades to come and a treasured possession of everyone who owns it.

tennis rackets for sale

Below are some examples of very rare and expensive racquets.
Horsemans lawn tennis box $20000 Henry Malings tilt top 1880 $3750 All American by Wright & Ditson 1920 $150 F.H. Ayres Flathead $1500
We buy, sell & trade old wood tennis rackets, frames, ball cans, books and collectibles. If your interested in certain rackets or combination orders we have a large inventory of tennis collectibles and can setup package deals. We are expecially interested in the following tennis collectibles :
  • old wood convex wedge, flat top, lopsided & asymetric head rackets
  • 1900 vintage lawn tennis raquets and equipment
  • tennis ball cans, tins, presses, covers & carrying bags
  • vintage tennis books, advertisements, prints and artworks
  • horsman, wright and ditson, hc lee, draper maynard, kent
  • dayton, bancroft, donnay, fisher, kneissl, rossignol, volkl
  • head, wilson, davis, spalding, prince

Below are several of our odd handle rackets : bulbous, fistail, fantail. Inquire for price. Click on pic for enlargement.
fistail, fantail & bulbous handle tennis rackets Fishtail, fantail & bulbous handle tennis rackets are all sought after by collectors and are hard to find antique tennis raquets.
wright & ditson all american wright & ditson all american is in beautiful condition, strings are intact, not damaged, wood patina nice and decals fine.

horsman flattop tennis racket Horsman racket maker made some of the finest and most sought after tennis rackets from the late 1800's to the early 20th century. Here is a nice example of a flat top racquet.

Wright and Ditson tennis racket pics ...

Below are examples of scarce raquets :

slazenger demon fishtail raquet 3 Slazenger Demon Fishtail Raquets 1900..1930 in duration. The demon logo started as engraved, then a stamped and shoulder protected transparency, then as a painted decal in the latest version. These rackets are highly sought after by collectors and hard to find, especially in good condition.

 real tennis lopsided or tilt top raquet Greys "real tennis era" lobsided or tilt top raquet circa 1880's
 real tennis lopsided or tilt top raquet Greys "real tennis era" lobsided or tilt top raquets circa 1920+'s
bulbous eclipse cane checkered handle rac's D&M Dog bulbous, horsman checkerd handle flat top eclipse, cane & other racquets ...
Several  Horsman, Wright & Ditson All American, Park, Childs Convex Wedge Several Horsman, Wright & Ditson All American, Park, Childs Convex Wedge
Below are several Bancroft tennis rackets. Other Bancroft models also available including the Director, Pro & Borg Personal rackets. Click on pic's for enlargement.

bancroft Winner Bancroft Winner Tennis Racket no cracks or damage, strings are intact, brown leather grip with wood frame. Custom designed with bamboo finishes, pretty nicefor a used racket.

3 borg rackets played
3 rackets that Bjorn Borg played in tournament competition.

Borg bancroft Many different Borg Racket models from Bancroft & Donnay ...

Borg bancroft Famous Donnay Borg Pro Tennis Racket

Borg bancroft Bancroft Borg Personal Tennis Racket, hard to find red version

Borg rackets More Bjorn Borg tennis rackets ...

Borg rackets More Bancroft racket pics...

Below are several Wilson tennis rackets. Many Famous Player Series rackets are available including jack kramers, stan smiths, and jimmy connors models. Prices starting at $29.99 each. Click on pic's for enlargement.
famous auto decal picture rackets
Jack Kramer racket Wilson Jack Kramer wood racket versions. Many different models available in various conditions from excellent to good/fair with many signs of play.
Jack Kramer racket Wilson Jack Kramer wood racket from Famous Player Series. Many different models available in various conditions from excellent to good/fair with many signs of play.

Below are several tennis rackets that jimmy connors has played over the years.
Wilson T2000 Wilson T(2345)000 metal racket.

Wilson T3000 Wilson T2000 metal racket made famous by Jimmy Connors. New, never strung T2000 & T3000 are available with covers. Please email for availability.

jimmy connors estuza ameripro sidewinder jimmy connors estuza ameripro US Open racket These are the famous Estusa graphite rackets, the Ameripro Sidewinder, and the famous AeroSupra yellow model that Jimmy decided to use for his comeback. Both are Jimmy Connors signature model racquets with mid plus head sizes and are of a wide body design. Sidewinder racket is unique in that the strings at the 12, 6 and 3 o'clock positions wrap around the frame inspecial grooves. To quote label on the inside of the throat "strings wrap around the frame instead of going through it. shock andvibration are dissipated more eficiantly into the air instead of going through the frame. optimum power with control for the accomplished player". This racket is really pretty green with red highlights and becamepopular in the early 90's when Jimmy Connors abandoned his metalT2000's for rackets like these and had his famous career end run at the US open of 1991. These retailed in stores for around $120 and disappeared fast. I think they will really be valuable collectors rackets.

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