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Wright & Ditson Rackets wilson rackets Old tin cans, boxes & balls Jimmy Connors rackets John McEnroe rackets Jack Kramer rackets Guiermo Vilas rackets Vitas Gueruliatis rackets Wilson Famous Player Series rackets ProKennex Pro Kennex rackets Bjorn Borg tennis rackets

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  • We have a wide selection of tennis rackets, frames, cans, books & collectibles.
  • If we dont have your racket in stock we will attempt to find it for you.
  • We offer tailored consulting suited to individual needs so if its stragegy, conditioning, matchplay, concentration or relaxation techniques, we can offer several current or vintage books to help your progress.

    Thank you,

    Joe Schartman


      Wright & Ditson Tennis Rackets
      Below are several of our Wright & Ditson racquets, inquire for price. Click on pic for enlargement.
      wright & ditson park wright & ditson park is in beautiful condition, strings are intact, not damaged, wood patina nice and decals fine.

      wright & ditson all american wright & ditson all american is in beautiful condition, strings are intact, not damaged, wood patina nice and decals fine.

      Wright and Ditson tennis racket pics ...

      Wilson Raquets
      Don Budge racket Wilson Prostaff series rackets played by many of the best players including Pete Sampras

      Jack Kramer racket Wilson Jack Kramer wood racket from Famous Player Series. Also specialize in the jack kramer autographs & prostaff series. Many different models available with in various conditions from excellent to played.

      Old tin cans, frames & balls
      Old tin cans, boxes & balls
      Jimmy Connors Tennis Rackets
      Below are several Wilson tennis rackets. Many Famous Player Series rackets are available including jack kramers, stan smiths, and jimmy connors models. Prices starting at $9.99 each. Click on pic's for enlargement.

      Below are several tennis rackets that jimmy connors has played over the years.Wilson T2000 Wilson t2000 metal racket made famous by Jimmy Connors.

      Wilson T3000 Wilson t3000 metal racket is harder to find than the t2000 jimmy connors.

      jimmy connors estuza ameripro sidewinder This is a graphite racket, the Estuza Ameripro Sidewinder, that Jimmy decided to use for his comeback. Estusa Amerpro Jimmy Connors signature model racquet. This racket is in brand new condition. No scratches and very little use. No wear at all on the frame and strung at 59 pounds. Grip sizes are both 4. 1/4..Mid plus head sizes and are of a wide body design. This racquets is unique in that the strings at the 12, 6 and 3 o'clock positions wrap around the frame inspecial grooves. To quote label on the inside of the throat- "strings wrap around the frame instead of going through it. shock andvibration are dissipated more eficiantly into the air instead of going through the frame. optimum power with control for theaccomplished player". Weight is around 11oz. Includes full length padded covers. This racket is really pretty green with red highlights and becamepopular in the early 90's when Jimmy Connors abandoned his metalT2000's for rackets like these and had his famous career end run at the US open of 1991.These retailed in stores for around $120 and disappeared fast.I think they will really be valuable collectors rackets, let me knowif your interested in purchasing.

      Dunlop Maxply Tennis Rackets

      dunlop maxply tennis racquets Several Versions of the popular Dunlop Maxply tennis rackets that were used to win many open championship and slam tennis tournaments.

      Bjorn Borg Tennis rackets

      bancroft Bjorn Borg Pro Bancroft Bjorn Borg Pro Tennis Racket no cracks or damage, strings are intact, brown leather grip with wood frame. Very nice laminated wood, pretty nice for a used racket.

      bancroft Bjorn Borg Pro Bancroft Bjorn Borg Pro, "Red" version is much harder to find, Tennis Racket no cracks or damage, strings are intact, brown leather grip. Great stick, could win a grand slam,Bjorn Borg Pro.

      Bjorn Borg rackets & pictures ... Bjorn Borg rackets & pictures ...

      3 borg rackets played
      3 rackets models that Bjorn Borg actually used in tournament competition.

      More Bancroft racket pics ...

      Last Revised: Jan 2014

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