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Essential Internet Programming Reference Books

Books About Graphics
  • Creating Great Web Graphics
    by Laurie McCanna and published by MIS Press. This is a fantastic resource for those of you with Corel PhotoPaint or Adobe Photoshop. It has step by step ionstructions on how to use all of those fancy features to make professional looking graphics.
  • Interface Design with Photoshop
    by J. Scott Hamlin. This book has some excellent examples of interfaces that you can build using Photoshop. It also discusses some of the more theoretical issues which shuld be considered when you design your app.
  • Web Concept and Design
    by Crystal Waters. This book looks broadly at web site design and development. Covering evberything from layout ideology to color usage, this book provides excellent guides for any web developer. By the way, this is much more theoretical than hands on. There are not cool graphics techniques in this book...instead, the book focuses on the planning and design that happens before the graphics are actually created.
  • Creating Killer Web Sites
    Another excellent design focussed book. I have actually used some of these templates for my own pages. The advice offered here is very good. Unlike "Web Concept and Design" however, this book actually walks you through the development of the graphics.
  • Deconstruc ting Web Graphics
    by Lynda Weinmann. However, this is definitely one of the more advanced design cocept books out there so be ready to sit down with it for awhile. The book actually walks you backwards through the development of some very interesting sample sites.
  • Designing Web Graphics
    Another Lynda Weinmann book. This book is full of essential bits of information for any web designer. It incorporates her other book Coloring Web Graphics so it is all you need in one book.
  • Photoshop Bundle-Photoshop Type Magic 2/Photoshop Effects Magic/HTML Web Magic
    This set of books is a definite BUY. In 5 volumes, several experienced photoshop magicians go step by step through pretty much every type of web graphic you will want to create from drop shadowed three dimensional text to custom buttons lines and bullets.

Books About Web Spiders
  • Internet Agents: Spiders, Wanderers, Brokers, and Bots by Fah-Chun Cheong. This books covers Web robots, commerce transaction agents, Mud agents, and a few others. It includes source code for a simple Web robot based on top of libwww-perl4. Containing a listing of all Agents, Bots, Spiders, etc., available on the Internet, this book teaches the administrator to effectively manage network server resources with these Agents. It offers the administrator user-support techniques by demonstrating the time and cost saving features of these Agents. An in-depth analysis of creating and customizing Intelligence Agents is included.
  • Bots and Other Internet Beasties by Joseph Williams. The big advantage of this volume is that it was collaboratively written by 20 agent researchers representing many implementations and ideological biases. Contains brief but good overviews of the potential use of Java, Tcl/Tk and Telescript in the creation of Internet agents, as well as a CD-ROM for NT, Windows, and Win95 containing Java and Tcl/Tk.
  • Programmin g Intelligent Agents for the Internet by Mark Watson. For C++ programmers who want to capitalize on the explosion of interest in communications and theInternet, this book explains how to use C++ to program intelligent agents to handle information managementtasks on the Internet. This guide explains how to set up agents to scan for interesting information online, automatically format retrieved information into a personalized report, and more.
  • Web Client Programming with Perl by Clinton Wong and published by O'Reilly Press. If you've ever wanted to learn more about Web protocols so you could build custom client-side tools to automate tasks--or just so you have a better understanding of what's happening behind the scenes--then Web Client Programming with Perl is the book for you. Wong explains HTTP (Hypertext Transfer Protocol) requests and socket calls, then shows how you can use the LWP library for Perl to retrieve Web pages, parse HTML, check whether a server is responding, and more.

Recommended Programming Books
  • Programming in ANSI C by Stephen G. Kochan
    Whenever I have to do something in C, this is the book I use as refernce. Well written and not a chore to decrypt. Published by Hayden Books
  • The C Programming Language : ANSI C Version - Most of the C & Unix Gurus learned C from this book. This book is concise and powerful -- like C itself. And it was written by Kernighan himself. All real C programmers should have this K&R book ! ; Brian W. Kernighan, Dennis M. Ritchie;
  • The C++ Programming Language - This book is an essential addition to a C++ programmer's library. The author invented the language! It is not for dummies, and it wouldn't be my first choice for an entry-level, self-help tutorial on C++ for beginning programmers ; Bjarne Stroustrup;
  • Data Structures, Algorithms, and Software Principles in C by Thomas A. Standish
    If you have not gone to school to learn computer programming, I recommend you get this and read it. It represents the 101 course you missed and is written well enough that you don't need a professor to explain it.
  • Recursive Algorithms by Richard Lorentz
    If you have finished the Standish book above, you should get this book next. This is a more high level discussion of recursion and data structures used in recursion. To iterate is mortal. To recurse is divine.
  • Mastering Regular Expressions by Jeffrey E. F. Friedl
    Once you are comfortable with the syntax of Perl, it is time for you to begin to utilize the true power. Regular expressions are perhaps the most important topic to master within the Perl CGI universe. This book has it all.
  • Unix in a Nutshell by Daniel Gilly
    Excellent UNIX manual for CGI Programmers since this book contains good explainations of all the commands as well as great discussions of permissions and sed and awk, two invaluable tools for doing major HTML template rennovations). Published by ORA.
  • Programmin g With Microsoft Afc
    by Eric Swildens, Selena Sol and published by Wiley. AFC allows Java programmers to create different GUI components like buttons, scroll bars, and graphics. This is a programming book for Java and Windows programmers interested in AFC, teaching the technical details needed to program with Java in Windows. CD-ROM contains over 75 example programs in Java, and ready-to-use GUI components.
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